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Dynamic Diamond Tooling has teamed up with Marlin, an industry leader in equipment financing. Marlin has the industry experience, financing capabilities and dedicated sales team needed to deliver equipment financing solutions to the construction and industrial markets. We combine our expertise with a reputation of providing reliable, outstanding customer service that goes far beyond individual transactions. Our equipment channel customers view Marlin as an extension of their sales process.

Marlin is proud to provide the best financing options for your Dynamic Diamond equipment so you can get what you want on your own terms. Marlin’s options give you immediate access to our latest equipment. You can secure your purchase by making affordable monthly payments while sticking within your budget, adding tax benefits and maintaining financial freedom to grow your business.

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Why Finance Instead of Using Your Operating Capital?

  • Preserving cash and credit lines gives you flexibility and security.
  • Financing equipments through your business preservers and protects your personal credit.
  • Financing equipment through your business gives your account more options on your balance sheet.
  • You can receive potential tax benefits through IRS Section 179 and utilize bonus depreciation.
  • You will build business credit and give yourself another way to access capital.
  • Marlin’s finance program is fast, easy and takes the paperwork out of your hands.

Flexible and Custom Financing Plans Available

  • Standard 12 through 72 month finance term options.
  • 12 Month Easy Financing with a 6% or 7% Participation Fee (depending on equipment cost). Two payments are due in advance with 20 payments remaining.
  • 30, 60, 90 Day Deferred Financing with zero payments due in advance. Payments begin 30, 60, or 90 days after installation.
  • Seasonal or Quarterly Payments assist with cashflow when you understand your peak times with slower season.
  • New Business or Start Up Programs help new businesses obtain up to $50,000 with a 36 month finance term.
  • Corporation Only Approvals offered exclusively through Marlin.