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Clean power design allows only 6% harmonic distortion of the power sine-wave. Harmful harmonic distortions over 10% may do damage to your plugged-in electric load.

Bulldog generator design has all copper wire and electrical grade plugs in comparison to other leading competitor generators. This gives you huge, extra starting power for hard starting electric motor loads. Heavy duty rotor and high heat bearings give you “life-time” from failure due to over heating.

Large capacitors that are over sized for longer life. Automatic load balance eliminates load chatter and excessive vibration due to unbalanced electric loads. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) receptacle helps protect operator from electric shock and provides OSHA/NEC compliance on the construction job-site.

Run time meter totals the hours of run time for service or rental use.
Over-head valve KOHLER engine gives you 20% smaller and lighter weight. OHV design also reduces fuel and oil consumption by 40%, gives you up to 10% more torque and a smooth running engine. Cast iron cylinder sleeves.

Automatic oil sensor protects your engine from low oil and automatically stops engine before damage happens. Solid state ignition allows trouble-free operation. 2-Element heavy duty air cleaner adds major additional engine life by trapping more dust and dirt. Long lasting metal fuel tank with filter, 18 Gallons all steel hand welded fuel tank. Separate spin-on oil filter and full pressure oil lubrication system.

Item No.
Item No.KOH16000