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AmeriPolish OS Dye is a liquid dispersion of nano-sized colorant particles in a proprietary non-combustible solvent. It is designed to be used without dilution. AmeriPolish OS Dye colors cementitious overlays, penetrating the substrate surface more readily than acetone-based dyes. It may also be effective on hard, dense concrete slabs that refuse acetonebased dyes. It covers twice as much as conventional solventbased dyes. It is a premixed, ready-to-use liquid. It contains UV stabilizers to help protect colorants against fading.

Avg. Coverage Rate
Unit Price
Quantity1/2 Gallon RTU
Avg. Coverage Rate1000 SF/Gallon
Unit Price$89.00
Quantity2.5 Gallon RTU
Avg. Coverage Rate1000 SF/Gallon
Unit Price$445.00