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Dye-N-Seal Water Based Surface Sealer is a fast drying water based sealer that protects and beautifies decorative concrete. Its designed for use with Color Juice 3D Concrete Colorant Concentrate, may also be used on uncolcored concrete or with other compatible color products, in both exterior and interior applications. Ideal for porous finishes such as broomed, stamped, and exposed-aggre-gate concrete, concrete masonry as well as porous brick, natural and manufactured stone, stucco, slate, unglazed tile, and flagstone.

Avg. Coverage Rate
Unit Price
Quantity1 Gallon RTU
Avg. Coverage Rate300 - 400 SF/Gallon
Unit Price$40.00
Quantity5 Gallon RTU
Avg. Coverage Rate300 - 400 SF/Gallon
Unit Price$150.00