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VAC MOP the latest innovation in engineering and design by Dynamic Diamond Tooling

The VAC-MOP, a vacuum accessory, designed and engineered to specifically fit an Ermator S-26 and S-36 vacuums as stand-alone units or the C-3000 Pre-Separator connected to an S-26 or S-36 utilizing a Vac-Trailer sold by Ermator.

Dynamic Diamond Tooling is constantly developing innovative and patented products for the flooring industry so as to help operators utilize their equipment and tooling to the maximum extent while saving time and money on the job.

The VAC-MOP installs and removes from either the vacuum or pre-separator utilizing NO TOOLS. The VAC-MOP has two (2) floor tools on the S-26 model providing operators with a 36” vacuum width. The S-36 model has three (3) floor tools providing operators with a 48” vacuum width.

In addition, the floor tools are designed to float over the floor so as to compensate for any undulations in the floor. Operators can use the VAC-MOP in lieu of the vacuum wand saving labor time and dollars.

The VAC MOP accessory will save time in production.

The VAC-MOP can be raised for transport and lowered when in use. The all construction steel parts provide operators with a tough and sturdyaccessory. Call to place your order at Dynamic Diamond Tooling at 407-298-7050.