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Dynamic Diamond Tooling (DDT) DC-5011 Polyurea is available in 750 x 750 ml dual cartridge. The cartridges provide the contractor with the flexibility to accomplish a multitude of jobs, without the need to purchase small tubes, which are painfully dispensed manually using a caulking gun or the need to hire a joint filling contractor that utilizes an expensive, plural component static mix equipment.

The standard color is medium grey but any custom color can be chosen for an additional small fee.

The Pneumatic gun has a speed dispensing control and is available for purchase from DDT. In addition, you will find Dynamic Diamond Tooling’s’ heavy duty 8”angled scraper from the Cucamonga company to be a tremendous asset when shaving the joint.

Click on the thumbnail image (right) to view the Polyurea Coverage Chart. For questions or more information, please call Dynamic Diamond Tooling at 407-298-7050.