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The diamond pads are specifically designed to be used on concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone. The 1” diamond pad is impregnated with diamond matrix deeper than the competition. There is no color transfer due to it being a naturally colored pad with no dyes added. The pad is 40% more durable and generates more heat when tested against competitive pads used in the field. Diamond pads are available in 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, 8000, and 11000 grit. Various diameter sizes are available by special order.

Item No.
Unit Price
Item No.27DP200
Unit Price$89.95
Item No.27DP400
Unit Price$89.95
Item No.27DP800
Unit Price$89.95
Item No.27DP1500
Unit Price$87.50
Item No.27DP3000
Unit Price$87.50