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Proudly Made in the USA
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3-Phase 240V or Single Phase 220V

ALL-IN-ONE Machine!

• Grinder
• Polisher
• Zero-tolerance edger
• Burnisher
• Scrubber
• Slicer

Includes: 50-foot cord, 12 inch plate and 40 pound weight.

The DDG 1220 aka the “BEAST” has earned its reputation as a versatile ALL-IN-ONE powerful Grinder, Polisher, Burnisher and Zero-Tolerance Edger. The DDG 1220 is a variable speed single head grinder with flex head technology powered by a Dual Phase (Single or 3-Phase) or a dedicated 3-Phase, 240V, 7.5 HP 3-Phase motor. The sheer force and power that the “BEAST” can produce is remarkable. The grinder is equipped with a single 12” plate, which is adjustable by design to move left or right in order to get right up against the edge of the wall for ZERO-TOLERANCE EDGING.

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Item No.DDG1220D230
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